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 Concrete walkways are excellent for enhancing the appearance of the front entrance of your home. They are




If you already have an existing concrete walkway that isn't looking so new you don't have to replace it. It can be fixed by applying a new top coat.

  • The existing concrete is thoroughly cleaned.
  • A patch coat is used to fill any pits or other imperfections.
  • The new top coat is guaranteed to stick. No conditions.
  • The finished product will make your concrete look as it did the day it was poured.


A decorative top coat can also be applied. Unlike stamped concrete our decorative top coats are not slippery when wet. You can  choose from a variety of different top coat styles including:


  • Square cut stone
  • Flag stone
  • Artistic patterns

  • Tile
  • in any sizes


  • And many more