Better Building and Design is an owner operated company. Our primary goal is to acquire clients who hire us for all their home improvement projects rather than a customer who hires us for one job.  You will notice many differences between us and a company who is not driven by this goal. These differences include:


Guaranteed Quality Work

You can be assured that you will be satisfied with the high quality of our work. If our work was poor quality the odds of you hiring us back for your next project would be extremely low. We guarantee you will be happy with the quality of our work when the project is finished, and for years to come. If there is anything you are not happy with at any time, we come back to fix it.

Fair Prices

We always price our work fairly. If you were to find out months after that you got ripped off or gouged you wouldn't be very interested in having us do another project for you. We explain our prices to you so you know exactly what your getting and why it costs what it costs. We break down large projects into small parts that are easier to comprehend and easier explain the cost. For example, if we were finishing your basement there would be hundreds of linear feet of walls, thousands of square feet of drywall. It would take a professional estimator to figure out if the price is fair. But if we were to break down the cost of building a 12 foot section of wall it would be much easier for you to see that our prices are fair.  

Respect for the Living Conditions of your home

A common complaint we hear so often about other companies is the condition they leave your home when they leave for the day. We make sure that the work area is tidy at the end of every day and any safety hazards are removed or clearly marked. We control the spread of dust by using a combination of air cleaners and plastic dust barriers. We take the time to cover the cold air return on your furnace to stop dust from spreading throughout the entire house. We also protect the flooring in the work area and along the path to get to the work area.